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Press Release: Consected Overhauls Clouds App to Help Businesses Improve Travel Expense Reporting

Businesses are still relying on spreadsheets and email to manage their travel expense claims. Today, Consected announces a new release of its Travel Expenses App in the cloud, to reduce the burden on accountants, managers and IT.

Online PR News – 18-December-2012 –Only the end of the world will save companies from having to file taxes next year. For businesses reimbursing their employees and contractors for travel expenses, ensuring that they have sufficient expense information recorded to make filing easy is one thing. Guaranteeing that travel expense policies were adhered to throughout the year is quite another. After all, what CFO wants to pay out more than they have to during tough financial times?

As organizations grow, their back-office business processes often do not grow with them. In fact, performing a Google for “Travel Expense Form”, all of the top five search results link to spreadsheet templates. This translates into a large proportion of organizations relying on spreadsheet files, email and snail mail to manage their expense claim processes. For any company required to meet the accounting and control standards of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, the Turnbull Guidelines in the UK, Bill 198 in Canada, and other equivalent corporate governance legislation worldwide, managing and controlling travel and entertainment expense reporting is essential. Even for medium-sized companies with fewer regulatory requirements, effective internal controls are essential for managing costs and reducing the risk of fraud. Spreadsheet templates and email make the required level of control difficult and prone to failure.

As businesses in the US prepare to close the quarter prior to tax reporting season, many are wondering how they can do better next year. Highly effective travel expense reporting not only helps the accountants, it simplifies the reimbursement process for employees and reduces the burden on managers performing sign-offs. The challenge is that many companies can not easily improve their back-office operations; IT resources are already stretched to breaking, and ERP systems cost a small fortune to customize. The answer is not to just fall back on Excel spreadsheets and email. Instead, the answer lies in the cloud.

This week Consected is announcing the release of a completely refreshed version of its Travel Expenses App for Google Apps customers. The new version of the Consected Travel Expenses App builds on its existing functionality that makes it easy for a company’s unique travel expense policies to be captured and documented, while enforcing internal controls for review and approval of expense claims, all without resorting to email. This minimizes the effort for employees, managers and accountants, reducing the amount of paper and number of emails that must be filled, tracked and managed as records. The new version of the Travel Expeses App provides an enhanced user interface, advanced role management, and additional out of the box expense reporting templates to meet the requirements of different expense policies. Unlike many solutions, Consected can help even small and mid-sized businesses customize the travel expenses controls and workflow to meet exact requirements, without breaking the bank.

Google Apps customers can quickly sign up for a free-trial and get started with the application right away. Any organization can find out more about the Consected 2013 Travel Expenses App.


Free SEO: get customers to come to you

Consected Quickchat Newsletter January 2012

This issue of the Consected Quickchat newsletter focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it matters to business owners. In this issue, we dump the technical mumbo-jumbo and focus on simple strategies to improve how your website ranks in search engine results pages so that more potential customers find you.

Read the full newsletter or sign-up for your own copy


Helping customers promote their business

Consected releases new content and business directory, Roaming Local  - January 20th, 2012

Small and independent businesses need to promote themselves to get found by new customers. Consected has extended the services it provides to businesses with mobile marketing, by providing a simple way to get an online, mobile-friendly local listing. Consumers get to search local listings and read recent articles on a range of topics relevant to the area. Starting with Boston, Roaming Local is providing listings and content in the following categories: eat & drink - restaurants, bars, gourmet, take-out; get outdoors - hiking, skiing, you name it; live sports - watch, play, enjoy; work hard - earn what you are worth. Visit Roaming Local to find out more about this consumer service that helps small businesses advertise their presence to customers.


What makes your business different?

Consected Quickchat: What makes your business different?  - Email Newsletter September 7th, 2011

Assume every visitor to your website, and every person that sees your business is a novice. They don't know your business or see why it is different from your competitors. So make it so ridiculously obvious that they can't help but ask you more, or choose to not waste your time! Be bold and find out more...

Consected and teamed up during the summer to deliver a consumer solution for  generating QR Codes and mobile landing pages to help individuals sell a vehicle. This solution builds on the Consected Mobile Sites solution, used by small and mid-size businesses to deliver mobile-friendly web pages and QR Codes, using templates for a range of industries. The solution customizes this for a fully branded web property, which supports rapid sign up of new members, PayPal integrated payments, and simple member login, allowing customers to manage and update their advertised vehicles.

According to the website:

You see them everywhere you go. Parked in a driveway, at the shopping center or even driving down the road. All of them with a For Sale sign in the window. Just the For Sale sign... Until now! With our QR It Yourself system when you list your vehicle a QR barcode image will be added to your page. Simply print the image and apply it to your sign! When scanned the the option to view your listing page will be displayed on their device.

Working together, Consected and are delivering consumers a powerful and distinctive way to improve their chances of selling a vehicle, by helping the growing number of smartphone users get the information they need. Learn more about the solution in our Slideshare presentation.

Sign up at or contact Consected for more information about the Mobile Sites platform.


Supporting Small Businesses by Teaming with Localized Internet Listing Services

Consected and Localized Internet Listing Services have been working to build a powerful mobile marketing and websites offering for small businesses in British Columbia, Canada. LILS is offering Consected Instant Mobile Sites as a component of its mobile marketing packages, providing full service setup and support of online marketing to businesses with no previous online presence. Additionally, LILS is promoting Instant Mobile Sites for Realtors to the active real-estate agent community in the Vancouver region, to help agents promote their listed properties with QR Codes and useful client tools. The Realtor package directly assists agents by gathering all the regularly used sites, services and tools into one place to help agents be more productive.

Consected and LILS recognize the huge opportunity for local, full-service support of small businesses in online marketing and are looking forward to helping many small businesses attract new customers with a professional online presence.

Learn more about LILS Mobile Marketing and Mobile Web Packages. 


Mobile Apps - why not?

The use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets exceeds the time regular websites are used. So why doesn't every business have a mobile app? There are good reasons why not. Find out more...



Creating Order from Chaos

Consected Quickchat: Creating Order from Chaos - Email Newsletter April 7th, 2011

"What does your business do?". That is the question that led me to a simple discussion of why we have business processes, and why we should consider giving them a little attention and TLC. Read the newsletter to learn more.



Creating QR Code Bundles for Applied-InfoSystems

Creating QR Code Bundles for Applied-InfoSystems: March 2nd, 2011

QR Codes are powerful tools to help businesses connect with their customers. Applied-InfoSystems and Consected have been working together to create a new service that helps you create a bundle of useful QR Codes quickly, easily and without technical experience. A quick questionnaire, built using the Consected Online solution, walks users through the process of creating QR Codes and an online business card. See more on the Applied-InfoSystems website.


Plan, Execute, and Dodge! 

Consected Quickchat: Plan, Execute, and Dodge! - Email Newsletter March 1st, 2011


All businesses are told that they have to plan to succeed. Sometimes though, planning can lead to pitfalls. Read the latest newsletter to learn about how to remain flexible, and see the tips for this month for small and mid-sized businesses.


February Newsletter

Consected Quickchat: Can you improve your business with hundreds of little dots? - Email Newsletter February 1st, 2011


Does a barcode help you make your business better? The answer is yes, if you use a barcode to encode information that lets you organize your work faster or understand your customers better. Read a copy of the newsletter sent to Consected customers, and see a demonstration of a 2-D barcode in action.


Installable Google Apps: Travel Expenses Instant App

Installable Google Apps: Travel Expenses Instant App - January 14th, 2010 

Google Apps Marketplace allows users to find useful applications for their business, many of which are integrated with Google Docs and allow you to login using your Google ID. The Consected Travel Expenses Instant App is the first of our apps to be published on the Marketplace and already has users signing up. Visit the Google App Marketplace and browse a little or view the Consected profile to see our apps.


Install Consected in Google Apps

New Google Apps integration announced - December 22nd, 2010 

Consected has just released a new single sign-on mechanism, allowing Google Apps users to install Consected applications in their application dashboard. Users can then quickly access their Consected work using their Google login, through a single click from a Google App or the regular Consected login page. Visit the Google App Marketplace and search Consected to find the available installable Apps.


New White Paper: Doubling-Down

New White Paper - November 2010: Doubling Down to Develop People and Processes

Building on the article published in Talent Management, the new white paper explores the benefits of linking business process improvement simultaneously with leadership and organizational development. Read the Doubling-Down whitepaper online or download the PDF.


Talent Management Article

Talent Management article - September 2010: Double Down to Develop People, Processes

New Talent Management article discusses the need to focus on your processes and your people if you don't want to miss out on making your company work better. A Consected white paper builds on the concepts in the article, providing more examples and ideas. Read the Doubling-Down to Develop People and Processes white paper.


ebizQ Featured Article 

ebizQ Featured Article - March 17, 2010: Process Improvement Doesn't Care What Language You Speak 

Phil Ayres, founder of Consected, talks about a real process improvement project, what went right, and some important lessons learned.


ebizQ BPM Podcast

ebizQ BPM podcast: March 15, 2010

Phil Ayres, founder of Consected and Peter Schooff discuss experiences of implementing BPM in real customer situations, and thoughts on the future of BPM, in this ebizQ podcast.


Six minute risk assessment

Press Release: Sep 30, 2009

The dream of all good businesses is to be lean, efficient and highly profitable. The best approach has always been to remove the biggest bane of good business: chaotic processes. Consected announces the new 'six minute risk assessment' for executives and managers wanting to find a starting place for their own business improvement exercise. 

All business leaders know that paper documents, manual processes and email destroy employee productivity and present a risk to a business by accident error or through fraud. Automated workflows on the other hand deliver employee efficiency, mitigate risks and provide visibility into operations. To work better, it is essential to improve processes all across your organization, not just focus on a single pain point. Those companies that have been successful know that there is a secret to doing this, in a way that truly transforms the business. 

For the majority of companies, the goal of automating a significant number of business processes is still a long way off. The Consected six minute risk assessment provides organizations with a way to get to their business improvement goals faster. 




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