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Since 2009, Consected has been helping companies and non-profits understand how processes and technology can help them work better.

If your company is like one of the many we have helped, you want to expand your customer-base, serve customers better, reduce costs and raise capital to grow. Just like them, our powerful and affordable mix of consulting and technology can help you achieve your business goals.

Whatever stage you are at in your organization's development, we can help make your next step a solid one, a real launch pad for growth. With our expertise, you can set your business up for success, rather than worrying about all the options and risks you just can't control.

We Provide Business Consulting Services.

Consected is a company of business experts. With decades of experience across diverse organizations we bring best-practices for operations, an ability to make processes work, a vision for products, and knowledge of the technology that supports them.

For us the term Expert doesn't mean inflexible (or egotistical). Our skills are based on walking the walk, not just academic success. We know what works and can provide anecdotes and references to back it up.

With all of our experience we still have minds that are young and inquiring, excited to innovate, accept criticism, push back when challenged, question the status quo, and seek disruptive solutions.

We have the skills and experience to help you at any level, from leadership > to strategy > through implementation

Product & Marketing Strategy

The products and services a business provides to its customers are under-served. They fail to generate revenue, because they fail to deliver what customers demand. Or they don't attract new customers, because new customers can't understand why the products are exactly what they need.

We help startups and established corporations understand their competitive environment, communicate the value of their products and formulate marketing programs around that value. We help you view products not as an engineering or development responsibility but a true corporate asset.

Operations & Process Improvement

Organizations at every stage of their evolution see operational and process challenges. For startups, being scrappy starts to become a risk. For larger companies, outdated procedural approaches are holding things back.

We take an outside view, seeing how customer, vendors and employees view a troublesome organization. Then we walk the paper-trails, review the policy manuals, understand the constraints and see what needs to get done. And we make sure that happens. Efficiently, safely, enjoyably for employees. Cost effectively and with less frustration for vendors. And most importantly to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Information & Marketing Technology

Many leaders recognize that they don't have all the knowledge they need to make strategic technology decisions for their organization. Ignoring the operational, financial and marketing problems that stem from outdated or lacking technology is not an option. Missing the competitive advantage that can be achieved with modern IT, cloud and marketing automation for fear of making an expensive mis-step is holding your company back.

Consected has years of experience with IT systems in major organizations and has implemented new solutions rapidly and inexpensively. We can help you see when off-the-shelf software may be less expensive than open-source software. And how to evaluate potential systems for the business, separating vendor demo-ware from what's real, here and now.

Project & Program Management

Decisions have been made to make a change. But how? Who has the leadership ability coupled with the time to run critical programs and projects in your business? Who can do this without the managerial clout that comes from a big title or a line on the org-chart?

Often, the best people to run essential business projects requiring major change are people outside the business. Project Managers are best without a vested interest, without strong ties to the past. They excel with the personality and credibility that allows direction of diverse teams, in multiple locations, without the fear that comes from not being the boss. We have these skills and the background of running projects from two months to programs spanning multiple years to help you make the changes that you need.

Open Source Software & Software Development

We develop software based on what works for businesses, not just what is the hottest tech at the time.

Take a look at some of our sample projects, and source code:

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